Pepper Steak

Oh yes, the mother of all bad poems……. Pepper Steak (Said 7 times) I looked out my basement window and saw 25 dead swans lying face down in a kiddie pool of bile and vomit. Tears began to spark my eye when one thought crept into my subconcious. When is dinnertime? Pepper Steak (Said 12… Continue reading Pepper Steak


Gay Ass Poem

Ok, here is another, the Gay Ass Poem… i like the expression ‘gay ass’ more peeps should use it i mean, think about it you’re working at your pizza place some guy comes in angry with a pizza he yells at you ‘my pizza has meat on it and i wanted mushroom only’ you turn… Continue reading Gay Ass Poem


Big Fat Cat

ok, I want to post some poetry, so here is the big fat cat poem… Big Fat Cat I got a big fat cat I got a big fat cat at home I got a 20 pound cat I got a 20 pound cat at home He could fly to the moon He could conquer… Continue reading Big Fat Cat


fuck that

fuck that fire truck. fuck it right in it’s A. It’s been sitting outside my apartment for 20 minutes with it’s lights going. There is nobody inside. What the fuck is it doing? Is this a weird Fireman Booty Call??? seriously, what the fuck is it doing there in the middle of the street? If… Continue reading fuck that


here we are

I made it to sunny California, and now I will hopefully have this new blog-ish site up and running soon. I will post more in the future, but hopefully not degrade to the level of some blogs where I tell you what I had for lunch, and that my current mood is shy. That would… Continue reading here we are


Did it work?

I just made this the main page! Ray isn’t smart enough to do that, but I can!


Hello world!

I AM A BIG LOSER AND EVERYONE THINKS SO! But I can make links like this