Stand Up?

Откъде да купя иконаХудожникThere is so much I want to finally get done this year;

Have another wrestling match
Pick one of my 14 ideas and finally write that screenplay
Get my tome of material online for the masses
Do Stand up.

Wait….Stand up?

The most obvious, easiest bullshit in LA?

I almost have enough material I feel good about that I may by joe try it!

This is my bugaboo (But no Sidekick 2)

I have no qualms about writing sketch or performing in it. Somehow stand up is a can of worms I am terrified of. No reason behind it. I feel like it’s just like horror movies when I was 10. I didn’t get it, but I knew it was scary!

Anyways, I always in my OCD way wanted to have a full 7 minutes I believed in before venturing forward. I am nearly there. God bless us all.



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