Top 30 Games?

БогородицаIt has come to my attention that someone put out there into the interwebs his thoughts on the top 30 board games currently out there. Here is his list and my thoughts on such…

If I may;

30) Tikal

Just thought it was ok

29) Maori

Never Played it

28) Alhambra

Just thought it was ok

27) Zooloretto

Never Played it

26) Acquire

This is a modern classic. I suck at this game but know that it is fantastic

25) Race for the Galaxy

Really good 2 player game. Reminds me alot of San Juan, but with a sci-fi bend to it.

24) San Juan

As mentioned a moment ago, really good game with more in depth strategy than one might see at first glace. It’s Puerto Rico with cards.

23) Jambo

I swear I’ve played it, I remember the box art with the green statue. But no, do not remember gameplay.

22) Diplomacy

This game should be surnamed; ‘How I lost all my friends’. Great meta game, but be prepared to commit an entire day to it if you are going to do it right.

21) Agricola

Do not know of this one

20) Power Grid

I know of others who really like this game, although I have not tried it. Perhaps next Jerkcon???

19) Glen More

Speaking of Jerkcon, this was one I wanted to try, or maybe others wanted to try and I was not interested. Hmm, now I forget. Anyways I am aware of this game but have not taken the plunge yet.

18) Puerto Rico

This game whups a llama’s ass. Multiplayer Chess for those with great thinking man’s brains. Take your situation and make it work. No game does it better, sans 1830. I do remember someone not liking it because, in his words, ‘I have a hard time making a game out of slavery’. And if you dig deep into what is going on in the game, he is correct. That being said, still a great game.

17) Lost Cities

I liked this game the first few times I played it. After that, the gameplay started wearing thin. Think about playing the standard 52 card deck game of ‘Speed’. Now play it a bunch of times with extra rules and with a special deck. After a bit the gameplay wears sadly thin.

16) Samurai

I have never heard of this game.

15) Vikings

Again, much like Sgt.Shultz, I know nothing.

14) Orient Express

Out of print, never made my grid.

13) Battle Line

If this game is what I think it is, it looked cool. I have not played but have looked upon others playing and thought, ‘I’d get in on that’.

12) Thurn and Taxis

Honestly, maybe it’s the straightforward presentation, but this game has never done much for me. Maybe I prefer games with a little more flash.

11) Small World

I have no idea what he is talking about. I know games a bit, and his choices make me remember that there is a whole world out there to discover.

10) Tigris & Euphrates

I know of this game, but nothing jumped out at me like ‘I have to play this NOW!’ I let it pass, glad to know it’s something I should go back and visit though.

9) Pandemic

I have played this one. It’s not that good. Sorry, it’s a Top Ten choice. But that being said it is one of those hopeless situations that is very hard to win that forms the world of ‘co-op game’ which basically consists of everyone agreeing what someone should do and if they fail to meet group think, they are called a moron. I played it with perhaps too many expansions but we had an impossible time of keeping the virus to one continent and then a worse time of solving it before it grew too big to contain. I would pass on this experience again.

8) Jaipur

I am aware of it, have not tried it. I’ll put it on the list.

7) Stone Age

I have seen others playing it, was not compelled. Looked like a human version of Tyranno Ex, which was underwhelming.

6) Dominion

This game is amazing. You know it’s good because all the games of this generation rip it off. I lump all of the expansions in with it, and only know it as a go to when it comes to a deck building card type game. It is really that good, check it out, also I suck at it.

5) Settlers of Catan

How this is not #1 astounds me. It’s the German version of Monopoly, except that this game is actually good and can be finished in less than 90 minutes. All the hype is true, if you do not know this game then I suggest you know it…soon.

4) Dominion: Intrigue

I love Dominion, as stated earlier. Is this better? Seems odd, but go for it, I can only assume these adds are good.

3) Ticket to Ride

I actually like this game alot. Have not tried expansions. Why would I? The original has so much going for it! Build railways, co-opt your friends, build your line first. It’s just a nice family type game!

2) 7 Wonders

This was the ‘It’ game this year. I played it roughly 7 billion times and every time I did it was by my suggestion, not due to duty. I just love this multiplayer game and suggest it to anyone who enjoys board games. It’s really that good and changes every time you play it.

1) Carcassonne

I did rank 4th place at the World Boardgaming Championships in this game one year. So perhaps I am jaded. But this game really is wonderful. A different experience every time you play, it is the ultimate is ‘Making best with what you got’ styles of gaming. I own it. You should too. I’d put it 5th though, behind Dominion, 7 Wonders, Settlers of Catan, and Up Front.

Games omissions making me sad;

Up Front (Clearly dude has never played)





Apples to Apples (Still great yet pushed aside)

Anyways, this is what to make of said list. Hope it helps!



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