New horizons

Hello Neighbors!

Ok, I’m a little revved up from watching Epic Rap Battles of History #13; Mr. T VS. Mr. Rogers.

That S was AWESOME. I will wait for you to go watch it for yourself, because the ERB are awesome and you should quite frankly be aware of their existence.

And so we begin…

I’m weirdly unhappy right now. Also I appreciate that only the Inner Circle of the Inner Circle actually read this mess.

My Detroit Lions are 3-0, and looking DOMINANT! Now that expectations are high I feel less joy from every victory. I am weird.

My store just posted the biggest level of growth in history! Well, that being said I have one full week to go but I have already dominated last year’s September so every dollar going forward is total profit!!!

Why the F am I in a funk???

Folks, I respect that the lady of the house does not read this because;

She has turned a sour note on me for a little while now.

I feel like more words are welcome here, but feel awkward typing them. I try my best to be positive in all things and present life in the most dynamic, awesome way possible!

Sometimes your audience does not receive.

We shall see what the upcoming weeks shall bring.

I hope they bring ultimate joy.

This may not pass.

A wise man once said, “Who can pierce the veil of the universe?”

The era of good times might be at it’s end.

Only The Shadow Knows.

Updates to follow.



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