Suck the Fuckeyes

Jim Tressel is and has always been dirty.

I am still shocked that he ever was brought to do the right thing and resign in disgrace.

Not that I am shocked, his pious, Christian act was just that, an act.

My Ohio friends used to always talk and talk and talk about how The Vest did things the ‘Right way’. And when I scoffed they took umbrage…

I accept all of your apologies.

You are all allowed to say it. Get in Line…


Not the first time I spoke the truth and was slapped for it. Prolly won’t be the last.

But damn if it doesn’t feel great in the moment when vindication comes.

What is sad is the Buckeye response. The attitude of ‘All the schools are doing it’ is weak for Middle School kids, much less adults who should know better than to point at the others guys when you’ve done wrong. Had Buckeye Nation just owned it years ago and The Vest quit then, this would not be as sweet as it is today.

For that I thank you, Buckeye Nation.

I can’t wait til the day when Jim Tressel buys his ticket to the CFB Hall of Fame (The only way he’d ever get in) and looks longingly at that bust of a REAL MAN AND FOOTBALL COACH Lloyd Carr and gets all weepy and cries into his Vest.

God it feels good to be right, and on the side of light and truth, unlike my Ohio friends who walk the path of corruption and darkness.

Suck it Buckeye Nation, this has been over a decade coming.

Enjoy your sanctions.



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