I’ve had it

почистванеI’m done caring about the well being of this country.

Maybe I’ve turned more cynical since turning 30, but I find my attention being offended by idiocy more so than my ability to keep caring about the world.

Everything that a conservative says to you is a lie that is geared towards getting the richest 500 people in this country more money.
Everything that a liberal says to you is a lie geared towards preventing the above, but done so poorly unfocused that it makes you root for the rich.

I just watched a Mike Huckabee Fox News show that said that he wrote a book about small government that focuses on making the government involved in your social lives more.

Fuck all that noise, if you can’t see the obvious hypocrisy in those words, I will never get through to you.

I really believed Obama would make a difference, I guess in the same way some Tea Party fucktard thinks Rand Paul will make a difference for the regressives. We are all morons of the first degree.

Anyone that we elect on the extremes will turn center of the road towards the establishment roughly 2 weeks after being elected. How else can you explain the fact that abortion is still legal after 2 Republican Presidents/Congresses?

I thought I was voting for a real champion of the people with Obama. Someone who would finally tell the failed W. years to go shove some idiocy up their asses and get down to some real shit making this country not suck a dick.

Instead I found some pandering pawn who seemed to worry more about pleasing the opposing party than passing his own agenda. W’s ideas might have been fucking terrible, but he never worried about pandering, at least that asshole got some shit done, even if that shit was the devil’s work.

Now here we are with the Regressive Party wanting to go back to children working in coal mines with no health care, and the Progressive party who seems to ask the enemy if what they do is Ok.

I want a real fucking leader@!@

I only wish that one would come in my lifetime.



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