Exorcism Movies; Why Bother???

Is this shit scary to anyone anymore?

I mean, 35 some odd years ago this crap made many people shit their pants.

It was a different world back then. It was a world where deep down people actually believed that religion was…get this…REAL!!!

Since then we have progressed as a people and accepted that what some old dude in Italy tells us is fact is actually, bullshit, because, well, it is.

So why does it seem that every year Hollywood drops a proverbial dump on all of us in the form of a new exorcism movie???

Exorcisms are seen by most of us as crap we still can’t believe is sanctioned and humored by any body of people, much less people that try and tell us how to live our lives.

Yet here we are constantly being reminded that we are to be ‘Shocked’ by ‘True Events’ that pretty much play out the same way in every one of these awful movies. If you feel the urge to see one of these retreads let me cue you in;

1) The victim will be female
2) They will speak Latin
3) They will say rude words
4) Their body will contort in some unnatural way
5) The ending will leave you unsatisfied and convinced that THIS EVIL IS STILL OUT THERE!!!

Did I spoil the movie for you? It’s OK cause chances are you’re an idiot and going to forget anyways.

So anyways, please stop supporting these awful retread exorcist movies. They all suck and need to go away. You know, like anything that 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie would have you go see. Just sayin’.



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