The King of Poo

I am still here.

Yet I am Gosh Darn Busy.

Who would have known that switching from a 24 hour a week job to a 50+ hour a week job would infringe on my free time???

I just watched a movie called ‘Nerdcore Rising’ and it was awesome.

It reminded me of my favorite nerdcore artist; MC DJ MSE. You know of him right? Well you should!!!

Anyways, things are super busy, what with me running the most profitable nerd store in the entirety of Los Angeles. Oh yeah, no shit, that’s real.

I’m sitting here, pondering my next steps. It causes me to look at my present;

1) I am the manager of Games Workshop; Oakbrook Plaza in Thousand Oaks, CA. This store whups a llama’s ass, Games Workshop is both the Mac Daddy, as well as the Daddy Mac. I love what I do, and am so glad to be doing it…really well.

2) I have multiple booked wrestling show on the horizon. I am booked for a Royal Rumble style match in San Diego in March, as well as a full on show here in the LA area come May. Finally, Almighty Ray will return to the ring. Now if only I can come out dominating as well…

3) My little black Miata has finally died on me. It’s been a good 10+ year run. Time to turn a new page.

4) My Sketch Comedy Show: Pop Co, just drew a respectable house and does not appear to be on the cancellation block for the first time in 3 months+, this is a good thing. I have much I want to do with this show, and not being canceled was first on the agenda.

5) I am currently living my with girlfriend Melissa in her swanky (Read; Missing window glass) apartment here in North Hollywood. It’s been good so far, even though we have illegal cats living with us that we must hide every so often.

6) I have written no poetry, and no rap in a while now. Kinda thinking I should get back up on that.
My sketch comedy writing has also taken a backseat to other things lately.

7) No auditions to speak of lately. In fact, I’m pretty sure that mainstream Hollywood can go F itself. I was convinced a long time ago that I was going to have to back door into this business anyways, so no drastic paradigm shifts there.

I am very pleased to be keeping status quo right now. I am currently considering my next big undertaking. Should I make a run at stand up? Should I cut a new nerdcore album? Should I fling myself into the local wrestling scene?

Who knows? Let’s face facts, like the dandelion seed, I have always gone where the wind has blown me.

Let’s find out together what the hell 2010 is supposed to mean to me. We all know that by the end of the year it’s going to have meant something!



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