Baseball Proof…

…that I am awesome.

First off, the fantasy baseball season is now over.

This year I competed in 2 leagues.

This year I won 2 leagues.

Oh yeah, that’s right, dominance in both. Head to head? Roto? Does not matter, I crush them all.

Also, at the start of the season I had a bunch of peeps submit their picks for baseball winners this year, let’s see who did best?

Almighty Ray: 6 correct playoff teams.

AL East: Boston
AL Central: Minnesota
AL West: LA Angels
Wild Card: Tampa Bay

NL East: Philadelphia
NL Central: Chicago Cubs
NL West: LA Dodgers
Wild Card: St. Louis

David Nowell: 4 correct playoff teams

Red Sox – WC

Phillies – WC

Rick Paulas: 4 correct playoff teams

AL West: Angels
AL Central: Royals
AL East: Red Sox
Wild Card: Yankees

NL West: Dodgers
NL Central: Reds
NL East: Mets
Wild Card: Marlins

Tom Pearce: 4 correct playoff teams.

AL East: Rays
AL Central: Indians
AL West: LA Angels
Wild Card: Boston

NL East: Braves
NL Central: Cardinals
NL West: LA Dodgers
Wild Card: Cubs

Jason McClain: 2 correct playoff teams.

AL East – Tampa Bay (best rotation in baseball with depth in minors)
AL Central – Cleveland (horrible division that someone has to win)
AL West – Oakland (young talent with Giambi and Holliday)
Wild Card – Boston (Yankees are too old to last all season)

NL East – New York (I like Atlanta’s youth, but this is the year Reyes and Wright do it)
NL Central – Cincinnati (Great young hitting and pitching in a weak Central – don’t expect Harden and Zambrano to stay healthy all year)
NL West – Los Angeles (Best lineup in the NL and good pitchers as well)
Wild Card – Arizona (See Cincinnati – great young hitting and pitching – go Max Scherzer)

I do think that was everyone who played this year. I do find it a little hilarious that Jason picked Oakland to win because of contributions from Holliday and Giambi, and by season’s end neither one was still playing with Oakland.

So, as you can see, I once again stand alone in my vast and expansive knowledge of baseball. Nobody even got close to my correctness, and once again I remain undefeated in MLB pickyness.

Now…where do I go to collect my winnings?



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