Now that the season is officially over, I have a little bit to say.

First off, can we place trading Chauncey Billups for ‘Rapping Shitbag’ Allen Iverson the worst thing done by a GM since Dumars drafted Darko? I thought that trade smelled like day old diaper when it happened, and was sadly proved correct.

That was ‘Rapping Shitbag’, BTW, not ‘Raping Shitbag’. The second title is reserved for Kobe Bryant.

Anyways, let’s face facts, the Pistons are in a state of flux. This is seemingly a long term plan. because next year does not look better. We are going to dump A.I. and Rasheed Wallace. This will free up mucho cap space. Theoretically we are going to go after Dwayne Wade/Lebron James when they come free after next season.

This will not happen for us.

No, our best bet is to go after Mr. Chris Bosh (Aka that guy we should have drafted instead of Darko) after next season to play the Center position. Combine that with mainstays Prince and Hamilton. As well as newbies Stuckey and Maxiell and you got yourself a decent starting 5! Especially with the young guys getting yet another season under their belts next year!

Sadly this plan will not be good in the short term. We can expect slightly better than we had this year, next year. I do not know off the top of my head what free agents are there this offseason for us, but I can only assume that Joe D. has somebody in mind. Also, our draft pick should be decent in this, a very deep draft.

So expect a few growing pains in the near future, but a couple years from now Your Detroit Pistons should be back on top again!

I mean, once David Stern gets his Kobe vs. Lebron finals in 2 straight years that he is pushing through right now. I mean seriously? Fuck David Stern, that guy is Vince McMahon in a cheaper suit.

To paraphrase/misquote Futurama; ‘I used to think that the NBA was real like Pro Wrestling, but it turned out that it was fake like Boxing’.



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