Be Smart People!

I just saw a news report that said that former Jacksonville Jaguars WR Jimmy Smith is facing serious charges following an arrest for DUI where he was caught with both wacky tobaccy and crack in his car.


Listen folks, if you do recreational drugs, i think less of you. If that is not enough to deter you, then so be it. But to be rich, and to get caught having CRACK in your car is totally unacceptable.

I mean, how bad is your addiction to crack that you just can’t leave the house without it!?

At least keep the shit in your trunk if you are on your way home from scoring some crack.

If you are famous and love crack, you just got to find a trusted friend or family member to get it for you. To be caught literally holding the bag means that you are a moron who deserved to be caught. No sympathy, no tears, just throw the book at you.

Boo on Jimmy Smith, stupid is as anal rape does (At least that is what I saw on Oz).



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