It’s everyone’s favorite holiday Easter! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoot!!111

He is risen! Glory to the highest! Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Let us celebrate the greatest con of all history! And let’s do it with marshmallow Peeps!

What do you mean nobody was guarding the back door to the burial mound? WTF?! Eh, must have been magic.

My fanatically religious seminary student work friend was hard at it tonight. I had the section in the same room as said fellow, and he was more unbelievable than usual tonight.

I try so hard to be patient and nice, if you know me, you know this to be true.

But when every single time I go into the server station to use the computer, I get inundated with statements like, ‘Oh here is Ray, that guy who thinks my Grandfather was a monkey’. Or, ‘Oh look, it’s that guy who thinks that God isn’t real, what a fool!’ It starts to gnaw at my groove.

First off, thanks for letting me know what I think, it’s so helpful to know that what I obviously must believe can be broken down so simply by words from another person. Never mind my every statement that said that life is far beyond the understand of a mortal brain at this time, and that any person who tells you that they have a firm understanding of this reality is either an idiot or a liar. Never mind the words that I have actually used when you can make things up that satisfy your simple brain so much more easily.

Here is the deal, I believe that EVERY SINGLE RELIGION is a lie that is used to control people. The End. I do not claim to have any answers, because as earlier stated, nobody has the answers in this Earthen Prison. We are not in a place where we can understand what happens around us, and I am perfectly happy having certain areas of doubt and uncertainty in my own life. I do not feel any less for just admitting that I don’t have a fucking clue. And I cannot understand the human desire to accept lies as opposed to uncertainty.

When confronted with a fellow like the gentleman I work with, who lives his life in seclusion and only consorts with others who agree with him so that they can all circle jerk about how right about everything they all are, I am not gripped with anger or denial or uncertainty. No, I am filled with genuine sadness that someone could live that way. Sadness that another human being, when faced with the same reality that I am, would spend his whole life deceiving others. Sadness that these people are more able to accept as true reality the notion that Adam and Eve is a true story, and that the first people had open 2 way conversations with snakes, than the idea that evolution is real and that ‘shit changes’ is a realistic concept to comprehend.

It frankly fills me with genuine sadness, as if I need any more right now.

ah well, fuck it, I’m strong enough to persevere.

And the notion of candy filled plastic eggs hidden in the yard fills me not with trepidation but with joy.
I can get behind candy filled plastic eggs my friends, that is a common ground that connects me and my crazy friends.

Happy Easter y’all. No religious sentiment meant, I just hope every day is wonderful for everyone, and today is no different.



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