Crappy 1980’s tv show network

I am pissed about my favorite section of a cable network.

Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network has provided some of the best (and worst) shows on air right now. With Family Guy, Futurama, American Dad, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Harvey Birdman, Minoriteam, Robot Chicken, and others providing a constant stream of entertaining tv.

Note that all of these shows have one thing in common, they are CARTOONS that air on the CARTOON NETWORK.

Now add to the line-up SAVED BY THE FUCKING BELL.

yes, that is right, the bastion of all that is good with television has added the darkest cancer of programming right in the heart of their weekday lineup. I am trying to come up with a worse show than that one. I cannot, it is a vile, unthinking, unreal, retarded, unfunny program. I would rather watch a 7 day long marathon of Hee-Haw than sit through another 5 minutes of Saved by the Bell.

I mean, not only is it not a cartoon, it’s a horribly unfunny show intended for pre-teens (aged 10-12) to watch in the first place, and that was when it was new back in 1989!!! Who in their right mind thought that of all shows this atrocity was the right fit? Who the hell is making these decisions? Corky from Life Goes On? Hell, I’d rather see freaking Life Goes On! Well………

If they were looking to put on a live action show that might work in the lineup, why not try something with actual smarts and potential appeal? Why not try the Muppet Show, Sledge Hammer, hell even Cheers???

That is not to mention other cartoons that might fill in nicely in the slot, GiJoe, Transformers, Voltron, Hell you guys just took LUPIN III off the air, and that show would fit perfectly….again!

In closing if I could give my life to make the world a better place, I would not create world peace or solve hunger, I would do it to remove Saved By The Bell’s stain off the fabric of our existence. Future generations would rejoice in their own quiet way never having to know the pain of the ignorance and stupidity of that abortion of a tv show.



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