Opening Day

I love me some baseball. Opening day is a treasure. Last year I was fortunate enough to get to go to see the Detroit Tigers opening day game for the first time, it was awesome. Being in the stands to see Dmitri Young hit 3 homers in one game was unreal. It’s also great because it marks the start on Fantasy Baseball! I was once again a champion last year, which is of course how it should be. I think I have once again amassed 2 of the most dominant teams in the history of the universe. Sadly I was not able to play again in the league I won last year, because it was an auction league, and if I couldn;t be there at the auction, I didn’t want to do it.

I am starting to feel better from the past few days, I been feeling a little blecky over the weekend. I took some happy pills and now it looks to be clearing up a bit. Just in time for my day off! WOOT!

Poor UCLA, although it was kinda sad to see them get dismembered today, it’s probably for the best, if they would have won, LA would have been burnt to the ground….again.

Rent was easily in hand once again, and I got a nice little springboard going into this new month, so if I can just maintain my el cheapo lifestyle for another month I should be well along the way to hitting my next set of goals, assuming nothing else pops up and rears it’s ugly head……..



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