Gay Ass Poem

Ok, here is another, the Gay Ass Poem…

i like the expression ‘gay ass’
more peeps should use it
i mean, think about it
you’re working at your pizza place
some guy comes in angry
with a pizza
he yells at you
‘my pizza has meat on it and i wanted mushroom only’
you turn to him and say….
‘man that’s gay ass’
and he’s all like, ‘word’
and you’re all like, ‘ok’
and then he hands you a bag of money
see what i’m sayin?
didn’t that make sense to you?
ok, hold on
take scenario 2
you are working at your cubicle
doing mindless stat work
as a job
and you just stand up and say
‘man, this is some wack gay ass shit’
and then your supervisor comes over and says
‘homey, you be trippin, shit is da bizzomb’
and you’re all like, ‘oh, sorry money, i thought it was wack gay ass shit, but now i see the error of my ways’
and he’s all like, ‘s’coo bro’
and then hands you a bag of money
get it?
i’m just sayin people should use that phrase more


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